Friday, March 28, 2014

Chloe's and RA

Is it normal to plan a trip around food or is that just me?  It was our goal to try as many new places as we could during the week but there were two places that kept calling us back to them and when food calls, who are we to say no?
The first is Chloe's Corner. We were originally drawn there for 50 cent coffee. Just when we thought life couldn't be any better, we tried their breakfast. 

And then we tried lunch. 
Long story short, we came back every day and every day was better than the last.  

There is also a perfect spot just around the corner where you can take the sweet treat you bought there (second breakfast, obviously) where you can lounge around in the sun. 

Just to clear this up, yes, that muffin is 80% top and 20% bottom. Chloe's understand priorities. 

Then, there was RA Sushi. 
If you're cool like us you'll read that as R. A. Sushi but let me tell you it's "Raw Sushi". clever, right?

The classiest of dates. 

We ordered vegetarian rolls, cucumber rolls and avocado rolls. 

 Then more avocado rolls. 

Fried Banana with Kahlua. A chocolate stuffed, deep fried banana with Kahlua caramel sauce and chocolate gelato. 

I'd like to say we tried different things when we came back . . . but we didn't. It's just too good! 

Despite my love for sushi and returning visit to RA, I still can't use chopsticks. 
Is it outrageous to ask for kid chopsticks at my age?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Burns, Bagpipes, Bottles, Bibs and Boards

Our days pretty much blurred together by the end of the week. Almost every day we would go for a run then sit in the sun reading our books and drinking cocktails for as long as we possibly could. 

It's a hard life but someone has to do it. 

While our days were spent lazying around by the pool, every night was different. 
One of our favorite nights, we spent having a hot date with a bagpiper. Yep, you read that correctly. Well, when I say hot date I mean we talked to him briefly but that still counts right?
At sunset every night at the hotel, a bagpiper comes (kilt, magnificent beard, knee socks and all) out and stands with the mountains behind him and plays music. 

All you have to do is sit back, order a drink, and enjoy life. 

Another night, after turning in from the pool early to nurse particularly vicious sunburns, we headed to North for happy hour. 

While the inside of the restaurant was beautiful, the terrace was something out of a European dream and besides, we wanted to take in as much warm weather as we possibly could. 

North has a great happy hour special called bottle and board. A bottle of wine and a delicious coal-oven baked pizza for $20. Um . . . yes, please!

Yes, that is my napkin tucked in like a bib. Don't pretend you've never done it!

We sat around sipping our wine, devouring our pizza and discussing everything from philosophy to Star Wars when we decided we were having too good of a time to go home. Dessert? Absolutely! 

We went for the Nutella Trifle: Nutella mousse, banana, graham cracker, house-made "magic shell". 
I'm pretty sure this face says it all:

It was so good, our waitress brought the chef out so we could unload our bundle of foodie emotions on him. 

Feeling ridiculously proud of ourselves with our meal choices, or maybe it was the wine setting in, we left (after leaving a note to our waitress, anybody who claims they are a double stuffed Nutter Butter automatically has our respect) feeling happier than kids on Christmas. 
Good food and good wine make for a happy girl!

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