Friday, January 31, 2014

The India Garden

Hi. It's me. Worst blogger ever. I would love to say my blogging hiatus has been due to the fact that I have been out having amazing adventures, buying the best clothes and eating delicious food but the truth is, I've just been curled up in bed, eating pizza, and watching Netflix. When I found myself laying on my apartment floor complaining that watching David Tennant's regeneration in Doctor Who would leave an emotional scar on me, I realized it was time to clean up the pizza boxes and go back out into the world. Besides, I have a long bucket list of things I need to do before May, so I better get started now!

One thing on the BL is food, so I figured that is where I should start, obviously. Our restaurant of choice: The India Garden. 

This was my first time trying Indian and one thing I learned fairly quickly is, it is not the most photogenic of food.  

 We started with the vegetarian mixed platter. What's in it you ask, I'm not sure. We played the guessing game with everything we tried. 

We followed this up with lemon rice with peas and mustard seed

and  Gobhi Parath, bread stuffed with minced cauliflower. 
The best part of the meal was definitely the Kulfi, homemade mango ice cream. 

Is Indian food suppose to be greasy or was that just part of the charm of the restaurant? 
It was definitely comfort food (fine with it) with all the potato and cheese but I think what with a second polar vortex and all, we all deserve a little comfort food! 

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