Monday, May 12, 2014

"Save Some Champagne For The Toast"

Friday night kicked off the start of senior week or, in other words, the last week I will ever be a college student. We were told today that after this week is over the next time we will be called "seniors" is when we are senior citizens. Maybe not the best thing to say to a group of already emotional people but definitely a harsh, much needed reminder that come Saturday afternoon we will be forced to enter the real world and so we must take complete advantage of our remaining time as undergrads. 
So, to recap what has happened so far . . .
Friday night was formal. We all traded in our finals week sweatpants and baseball caps for dresses and heels. We were able to (finally) celebrate the end of studying, exams, papers, classes and have a carefree night of dancing, laughing, drinking and just being with the best people.

The actual formal itself wasn't too great but the people sure were. 

Sunday night was the season finale of Once Upon A Time (I'm having a lot of Elsa feelings still) and I got to check off another box on my bucket list: Chipotle

Monday began with a champaign brunch.

 The salad was pretty pitiful but who can say no to free champagne? Certainly not me!

We then hopped on a bus and headed over to The Round Barn Winery in Michigan. 

We were each given a wine glass with tokens in them that can be exchanged for wine or beer samples. 

If you ever get the chance to visit, be sure to try the Weekend White. I may have liked it so much I used two tokens on it. 

Across from the winery is the brewery where everyone raved on and on that the sangria was the best they had ever had. 

As of right now, I'm trying not to think about what the end of this week will bring and just enjoy every moment, every friend and every glass of wine . . .but mostly the wine. 

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  1. That sucks about the events not being up to scratch but free champagne, who's complaining? This is the kind of post you'll look back on in a few years and feel so nostalgic for this time in your life. I haven't graduated yet but this year I went on a year abroad whilst all my friends stayed to finish their studies and most of them won't be there when I go back so I know how this kind of leaving it all behind time feels! xxx
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