Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lions, Tigers, and Cupcakes! Oh My!

With 11 days left in South Bend it's time to start doing all the "firsts" and "lasts" that I have put off until the very end of my time here.
First on list was the very first thing put on my "South Bend To-Do List" during my freshman year: visit the Potawatomi Zoo. During one of our late night drives freshman year, Watson and I saw a sign for the Potawatomi Zoo. Neither of us believed the zoo was real until a google search was conducted and confirmed that yes, the sign was real and not in fact an elaborate joke by the city to get us excited over nothing. So, when it came time to start checking boxes off of my list, there really was no other option of where to start. 

Our favorites by a long shot were the prairie dogs. We found one that we vowed to name Nico, give him as many carrots as his heart desired and love him forever. 

But other ladies had a similar idea and beat us to him. 

Our heartbreak was only temporary because then we saw a warthog and burst into a synchronized chorus of "When I Was A Young Warthooooog"

I made eye contact across the zoo with this tall, handsome fella. I told him he looked like a good dancer and asked if he wanted to be my formal date. He didn't say anything but the extended eye contact makes me think he'll surprise me there. 

Perhaps the snobbiest of all the animals was Gunther, king of all the South Bend bobcats who was too regal to look at us mere commoners. 

What I was most excited for were the lions. I beelined over to them right away just to find them lion-in' around.

After finishing up all our monkey business at the zoo, Watson and I decided to check off one more thing from our bucket list: Gigi's Cupcakes. Watson heard about Gigi's sometime this year and made the executive decision that we had to try it out and, honestly, who was I to say no.

Each day of the week, Gigi's offers a different selection of cupcakes. I couldn't decide between peanut buttercup and chocolate covered strawberry. In the end, I decided to be healthy and go for strawberry (totally counts for your daily fruit serving, right?). 

Watson went for the peanut butter cup but let me sneak a bite. Both were eye-rolling, finger licking good. The only advice I'd give is that there is so much frosting that after a while the taste goes away so you'd be best to not eat it all at once. Besides, this means you get cupcake twice, win-win!
It was a great first day of bucket-list checking. We laughed, reminisced, sang and ate. All the ingredients for a perfect day.  

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