Wednesday, May 14, 2014


What's better than an end of the year pre-summer party? An end of the year pre-summer party where you get your own pizzas and bottles of champagne. Try to argue with that, I dare you. 
Another name for this party is Babetostal. Not a school sanctioned senior week event but just as traditional as all the other events. Each year all the senior girls have a party (Babetostal) and the senior guys have a party (Dude fest) - I think it's clear who has the better title and I'm not saying that's indicative of cleverness but . . . 

 A senior neighborhood in town hosts the party and there is dancing in the streets, a DJ, kegs on kegs, pizza and endless bottles of champagne. 

Despite the massive amount of 1D that was played, I think the definite stand out song of the night was obvious: 

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