Monday, March 17, 2014

Arizona, Day 1

I have seen the sun. 
I promise you all, it still exists despite what you might think. 
After almost nine months of waiting it was finally time for spring break and, honestly, it couldn't have come at a better time. 
Our first official day was a travel day. Travel by bus, plane, and cab but who are we to complain? Arizona, we're coming for you! 


Giddy with excitement when we arrived. Everything was warm and sunny and everyone was happy.  

Check our the view from our porch. It was at that moment we decided we're never, ever, leaving. Sorry, Mom and Dad.  

Once the sun set we could no longer gaze longingly at the mountains, so we headed over to the hotel bar for cocktails and dinner.  

Don't worry, we had one for you too. 

After hours of sitting outside chatting, there was really only one way the night could have ended . . .  

When it got to the point that we couldn't physically eat any s'more treats, we walked home and crawled into the biggest and comfiest bed you could ever imagine. 
It's amazing what a little sun can do for you! 

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  1. Arrgh when I went to America, I didn't know that the Cheesecake Factory existed! What was wrong with me when I was younger, why did I think it was perfectly ok to not do any research WHATSOEVER before hauling my arse to the other side of the world? Such an idiot!! That's it America, I am coming back for you. Don't hide these things from me next time, ok?
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