Tuesday, November 26, 2013


This year my friends and I decided to have Thanksgiving together. Friendsgiving if you will. 
Now, this does not mean we are adults! We simply had an excuse to eat a really big meal with good food together. 
Much like Peter Pan and the Lost boys in Hook. 

Everyone brought their favorite holiday dish or drink. We set it all out and then rushed to fill our plates, claiming that we were taking this much so we didn't have to take seconds (which we obviously still did). 

We gave thanks and then it was time . . . 

Here's a little look as to why the holidays are the best time of the year:

The people aren't half bad either. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Camille's Birthday

This week was Camille's birthday and while we're planning on celebrating this weekend, no one should not have a little party on their actual birthday. We headed over to Brothers, the same place we celebrated my birthday, for dinner, drinks, and everything Camille.  

This was my first time eating at Brothers and I was thoroughly looking forward to some good old fashioned bar food. Why is it that comfort food is the most tempting thing in the world?
Here's a little sample of the massive amounts we ordered:
Pretzel bread. 

Onion ring tower. 

Veggie burger with the works. 

Garlic parmesan fries. 

Bacon burger. 

It was a great night, celebrating one of my oldest school friends! 
This weekend can't come soon enough. I think we're all ready for round two! 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Boozy Milkshakes and Love Actually

I've left my apartment maybe a handful of times in the past two weeks. My senior thesis is due soon which means I've been snuggled down on my bed with unbrushed hair and old concert t-shirts trying not to go crazy. 
To celebrate making it this far, Watson and I decided to treat ourselves. 
We intended on making The Londoner's Christmas BBMs but I'll save you from a truly boring story and just say it didn't work out. 
So we decided to just make impromptu boozy milkshakes.  

1 carton of chocolate peanut butter ice cream
A bit of milk
Chocolate liqueur
Three little ingredients and any stress you have will be gone.  

 For best results I recommend pairing it with the best holiday movie there is . . . 

The holiday season is upon us and I'm planning on taking full advantage of it!

Monday, November 4, 2013


Normally Halloween means three things: Hocus Pocus, jammies, and an alarming amount of chocolate. 
But not this year! I was determined for Halloween to go down one way. . .

Can you guess what I went as?

The night started out classy with some bubbles. 

Well . . . maybe not that classy.  

We then headed over to Allie's for a little pre-party. 

Once Lauren Miley started twerking we realized it was time to head out.  

Fever went all out for Halloween. Well, at least I assume they did.
 This was my first time there so it totally could just be like this all the time. Actually, I hope it is. 

After getting into all sorts of Halloween mischief, we left in the early hours of November completely danced out.
Very few things can beat chocolate and Hocus Pocus but this came pretty close!

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