Saturday, March 30, 2013

Walking Adventures

Today was one of the first real days of spring. There was a blue sky, the sun was shining, and everyone just seemed to be in a good mood. It was the perfect day to just wander.

Some of us were very excited to start adventuring. 

 I might have gotten a bit of spring fever and channeled my inner Gene Kelly. I promise there was no singing. . . not much singing.

This dashing man was the Cosmo Brown to my Don Lockwood. 

The first sign of flowers!

Sunday, March 24, 2013


I love Sunday mornings. I'm convinced they were made for two things: old T-shirts and big breakfasts. This morning we thought we would kick off our Sunday festivities with a trip to Studebagels

They have so many types of bagels each one sounding more delicious than the next. They are toasted to perfection and completely slathered in cream cheese. Just the way I like it!

Unless you're like Allie and your bagel catches fire in the toaster. Don't feel too sorry for her, she got a new one and the parts that weren't on fire to make up for her awkward situation. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Le Peep

For day two of Grace's unbirthday surprise we abducted her early in the morning and took her to her favorite breakfast restaurant: Le Peep

Somehow the waitstaff knew it was her birthday (it might have had something to do with the crown we made her wear) and came out singing to give her a birthday treat. What a treat it was! Gooey Buns are english muffins with a warm sugar/butter combination on top. Add a dollop of cream cheese (trust me on this) and you're instantly in food heaven!

Master sleuths. 

Flower Surprise

Is there anything better than getting flowers?

Friday, March 22, 2013

Unbirthday Tea Party

This Sunday is the birthday of the fabulous Miss Grace. I am a firm believer in dragging out birthdays for as long as possible. So, to kick off her birthday celebrations we decided to have a tea party. 

 When she arrived she was smiling and laughing . . . 

 Which turned into crying . . . 

 Our terrible singing was apparently greatly amusing. 

 As was the fact that we made her blow out one big candle to make a birthday wish since it was the only one we could find. 

Day one of the birthday weekend was a success. It was one of those times where your stomach hurts from laughing too hard. Now on to planning day two . . .

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

St. Patrick's Day in Chicago

Sunday was not only St. Patrick's day but it was also the last day of spring break. Neither my friends nor I got to travel anywhere warm so we decided a trip to Chicago would be a halfway decent substitute for not spending a week on the beach with drinks in our hands. 

After having thoroughly lost ourselves right after getting off the train, we stumbled upon Descarte's. A brilliant little coffee shop filled with delicious breakfast pastries and drawings of philosophers. 

After a good old fashioned caffeine fix we headed over to see the green river and were introduced to the House of Blues

Then it was time for a little shopping.


What's better than Chicago in real life? A chocolate replica of Chicago. 

Our wandering led us to the Corner Bakery for lunch. . . 

And then to the Magnolia Bakery for dessert.

Next it was over to the Bean! 

Chicago, stay classy. 

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