Tuesday, November 26, 2013


This year my friends and I decided to have Thanksgiving together. Friendsgiving if you will. 
Now, this does not mean we are adults! We simply had an excuse to eat a really big meal with good food together. 
Much like Peter Pan and the Lost boys in Hook. 

Everyone brought their favorite holiday dish or drink. We set it all out and then rushed to fill our plates, claiming that we were taking this much so we didn't have to take seconds (which we obviously still did). 

We gave thanks and then it was time . . . 

Here's a little look as to why the holidays are the best time of the year:

The people aren't half bad either. 


  1. Great concept in celebrating together I like it great food great friends you cannot go wrong. Thank you for visiting my blog following you now by bloglovin follow back thanks.

  2. It is such a lovely idea to do thanksgiving with friends.
    Family including friends, are everything.


  3. food looks awesome!!! hope u had a wonderful thanksgiving! too bad we don't celebrate thanksgiving in this part of the world, a great occasion to spend with family and friends :)

    The Petite Blogger


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