Thursday, October 10, 2013

Senior Dads, Day 3

If Saturday was our relaxing day then Sunday was our eating day. Seriously though all we did was eat and drink but I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's take a look shall we:
The day started off with a trip to one of my favorite breakfast spots, Studebagels

Cinnamon honey butter. Go out and try it. 
You're welcome.  

Next we took a trip to the mall . . .

followed by pizza! And not just any pizza, Hot Box pizza, my favorite. 

This was then topped off with Kilwin's ice cream. 
I don't care who you are, Kilwin's is literally desert heaven for everyone. 

 There's a sweet treat for everyone and anyone and oh the ice cream!
New Orleans Praline Pecan and Cinnamon Crumb Cake. 
Ugh! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it! 

We crawled on home in a food induced coma and collapsed on the couch for an undetermined amount of time. It could of been hours, it could have been minutes, I don't really know. 
Eventually we rolled ourselves down to the car and made a trip to Michigan, since you can't buy alcohol in Indiana on Sundays, to prepare ourselves for the long night ahead of us. 
Rather pleased with our cleverness we drove on home and I whipped up some veggie stir-fry to try give the appearance that we were somewhat healthy that day.  

After dinner things got a tad bit crazy but more on that later. 
For now here's a sneak peak. 
Stay tuned. 

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  1. Happy birthday!! I love birthdays so much and it looks like you had a great one! A good birthday doesn't have to be over the top, but it should be filled with your favorite people and things just as you did :-)


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