Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Senior Dads, Day 2

After our Friday night shenanigans, there were only two things that would make us happy Saturday morning: coffee and a big, naughty breakfast.
First things first, coffee.
We headed downtown and made a little visit to my favorite coffee shop, Main Street Cafe. 

We sat back, relaxed, and let the caffeine work it's magic as we listened to the band.

Once we were awake we headed over to the farmers market for a big old fashioned Saturday morning breakfast. 
As it turns out the market had a little carnival going on right outside. 

There were camel rides. Are you surprised because strangely I wasn't. 

 I'm no stranger to the farmers market but the cafe was new for me. 

Everything looked so good I may have, ahem, ordered a couple different meals. 

After lunch we headed home, lounged around, napped, and went for a walk.
I also may or may not have wrecked my favorite shoes. The price you pay for adventures. 

Later that night we headed over to CJ's to watch the football game and have dinner with all the other Seniors and their dads. The bar was fun but it took over an hour and half for our food to come. Translation: no food = a very grumpy group of people.

We headed home before the game ended and called it an early night. 
It was a bit of a lazy day but it was all in preparation for Sunday. Promise!

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  1. Awww those shoes are super cute. Hope they weren't totally ruined :P


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