Friday, October 18, 2013

Rome Dinner Reunion

This weekend alumni have been flooding into town for the USC game. While that may fill your head with visions of middle aged, sports enthusiast men who like to talk about "what life was like when I was here . . ." I think about my beautiful Rome girls! So to celebrate their return home, we put together a little Rome dinner. 
I feel like I talk about Rome dinners a lot so let me explain:
In Rome, we all had dinner together every night almost without fail. 
However, twice during the semester we had fancy holiday dinners where we all dressed up and were treated like royalty with candlelight, plate upon plate of food and endless bottles of wine and champagne. 
Heaven, I know. 

The end of the night usually looked a little something like this:

Despite our heartbreak of no longer being in Rome, we use dinner as an excuse to put aside our busy lives and all get together.

How many people does it take to uncork a wine bottle? One but it was none of us.

 You'll have to excuse my grainy iPhone photos. I, unlike the wonderful Liz from It's A Roman Thing, forgot my camera. Rookie mistake, I know. 

The night ended like a typical Roman night: some people going a little crazy . . . 

Others sinking into a food coma.  

La vita é bella!


  1. what a fun dinner night!!!


  2. Seems like you had so much fun. Get together is what I always look forward to!

  3. I love having dinner with my friends! And don't worry about the photos, they're fine! Your evening looked like it was so much fun! I should plan a dinner night for me and my friends very soon!


  4. Looks like it was such a fun dinner!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee


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