Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Navy Pier

This summer was the first one in three years that my roommate Mileva and I weren't able to get together and have an adventure. Between work, traveling and bad timing we had to remain completely apart for three months. 
Now that we're finally reunited and just starting to settle into apartment life we decided to jump on the train to do one quick trip before classes start. Our destination: Navy Pier. 

We spent the day walking around, eating, catching up, and just enjoying the sun.  

 I know I'm probably the last person to discover this but Chunky Monkey ice cream is pretty much life changing.  

After years of searching, I finally found it! My dream ice cream cone. I know it may seem like I'm jumping into this quickly but I'm pretty sure this was love at first sight. 

 It was the most perfect day for wandering around Navy Pier and, despite the numerous blisters all over my poor little feet, it was by far our best summer adventure yet. 
I'm terribly excited to finally be reunited with my wine drinking, movie quoting, SNL loving roommate.  The best is yet to be!  

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