Monday, August 5, 2013

Keith Urban Concert

I don't know what it is about concerts on Sunday nights but they always seem to be the best. Maybe it's because Sunday nights are 'do nothing' nights so getting to go out and do something is extra exciting. Last night we made a trip over to DTE to see Keith Urban and this concert was no Sunday concert exception.

DTE is my favorite venue, so every time I visit wandering around is a must. 

We made it to our seats just in time and sat back and listened to Dustin Lynch and Little Big Town as we relaxed in the late evening sun.

I was happy as a clam in my favorite wedges and summer jewelry (since my last trip to DTE was limited to sweatshirts and pants).

Pretty soon the sun dropped and Keith came out. 

Here I was thinking I couldn't love him any more . . . I was wrong. 

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