Monday, July 29, 2013

Gelato & Hugh Grant

As I was getting ready to come home this spring, Julia dropped the bomb on me that she was going to live in Ann Arbor all summer to work on her thesis. This weekend the stars (and our calendars) finally aligned and we were able to get together for a much needed girls night. 
With a bag packed full of movies and music on full blast I jumped in the car and was off.
In my excitement I arrived a bit early and so I got a Julia edited tour of U of M. 

For dinner we went to Sava's, an Ann Arbor restaurant that I "had to try". 
I knew we were friends for a reason. 

After dinner, we managed to roll ourselves out of the restaurant and my tour continued. 

Somewhere in-between discussing boys and the daunting topic of our futures it was decided that gelato was a definite necessity. 
Then again, when isn't it?

With full and happy bellies we headed home to watch Hugh Grant and his goggle glasses. 

I couldn't have asked for a better girls night get together!

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  1. There are fewer things in life, I imagine, that make a better combo than those in the title. Delicious on all counts!


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