Monday, June 3, 2013

Start Your Engines!

Yesterday afternoon my family was wandering around our house when we started hearing this distinctive roaring noise from outside. We were trying to figure out what it was when all of a sudden we remembered that this weekend was the Detroit Grand Prix. My Dad and I slowly turned to glare at each other furious we didn't remember this was happening since we both love any event that involves loud engines and fast vehicles. 
Fast forward ten hours, my dad walks into my room tells me to buy GP tickets for tomorrow and walks out. 
Gentlemen, start your engines! We're a'comin' for ya!

The track ran 2.3 miles around Belle Isle, the largest city owned national park in America. 

Being Detroit, there was no shortage of cars to look at (and dream about) before the races. 

Walking around, exploring I joked around about running into my favorite, Helio Castroneves . . . and then we did . . . twice. 

I adore him. I mean how could you not? Look at that face! 
I would like it to be known that, even though it took all of my will power not to, I did not ask him if he would do his freestyle routine for me. 

Being little rebels we snuck over to the fancy seats at the start line and watched from there.

Hats off to you Roger Penske and thanks for a great race day!

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