Friday, June 14, 2013

Detroit Day

Since Allie was an unofficial Michigander for a week, I thought it would only be fitting that she got the full Detroit experience. 
Our Deeeeeetroit day started with food, obviously.
Our food of choice: Greek food. Our restaruant: the AH-mazing Pegasus.

 Our meal began the way all great meals should, with flaming cheese (also refered to as Saganaki but let's be honest, whenever you get the chance to talk about eating flaming cheese you have to take it!)

Our driving date, my Dad, opted for the Octopus and chicken kabob. 

We went for the Pastitsio, baked macaroni with spinach, sauteed onions, dill, mint, cheeses, seasoning and topped with Bechamel. I would talk about how good it is but I'm still too busy making yummy noises.

And of course, we finished it off with Baklava. 

By far the best meal I've had in a very long time. After filling our bellies we went out on the town. 

Undoubtably the highlight of our city explorations was the Heidelberg Project. It's an outdoor art environment that was started in the '80s. By far my favorite and, it's probably safe to say, one of the most interesting art projects ever.

  Food- check. 
Art- check. 
Culture- check. 
We had one thing left...sports. 

We suited up Tigers style and were ready for some yelling, cheering, peanut eating, and doing the wave. 

It was a good day to be a Detroit Tiger. 

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