Sunday, April 21, 2013

Wandering in Niles

This morning I woke up a good hour and a half before my alarm. I was not happy. 
When my morning meeting was over I started packing up my things and was prepared to crawl back into bed and hibernate for the day. Before I knew what was happening I had my sunnies on and was getting into my car, not my bed. I believe wandering is good for the soul, so I just started driving. 
I finally stopped when I saw this:
A Casperson Books is a rare and used bookshop in downtown Niles. Obviously, I had to go in. 

An old children's school book from 1914.

 This entire section was completely dedicated to books about Abraham Lincoln. 

 And a section on fire? 

Right across from the bookstore was Veni's Sweet Shop. Books and chocolates? I'll take it. 

I mean. . . I couldn't leave empty handed. 

 Milk chocolate caramel and dark chocolate mint truffles. . .
Dark chocolate covered Oreos and homemade milk chocolate mints.
Needless to say my grumpy mood disappeared pretty quickly. 
When in a bad mood there are no better words to live by:

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