Thursday, February 28, 2013

Best Oscar Moments

Now that it has been almost a week since the Oscars I thought I'd compile a list of my top ten favorite moments:

1.  JLaws fall. You literally can’t go on a single social networking site without being bombarded with posts about Jennifer Lawrence right now. This is why her fall was so fabulous to me:

a.     As soon as she was down BOTH Bradley Cooper and Hugh Jackman rushed to help her. Bradley. Cooper. Hugh. Jackman.

b.     She made something that was so embarrassing into a joke instantly.
c.      People are now comparing her fall to being a Disney princess.

d.     Post-fall and pre-press conference she took a shot. She then admitted to it and this happened:

     2. Anne Hathaway’s speech. I’m not going to lie she lost me in the middle but she finished it so beautifully it made up for the rest.

     3.  Seth Macfarlane’s boob song. The song itself was not that great in my opinion but the fake expressions of the girls he listed were priceless.

     4.  Argo’s win. I will admit I haven’t seen the film but watching Ben Affleck get choked up brought me to tears.

     5.  Before the awards show Mileva and I saw an interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and he said that Sally Fields had to tie his bow-tie on the car ride over.  Probably the best thing I’ve ever heard.

     6.  Ang Lee wins best director. Now, I adore Spielberg with all my heart but Life of Pi was so beautiful that I thought his win was well deserved.

     7. Adele singing (and winning the award for) Skyfall. She’s Adele. Enough said.

     8. The salute to Broadway with Chicago, Dream Girls, and Le Mis. It just seemed so old Hollywood to me. I loved every second of it.

     9. Daniel Day Lewis being there. Winning. Being interviewed. Wearing a suit. What a beautiful man.

     10. Daniel Radcliff dancing. The only thing I could have loved more was if he danced like that in Harry Potter. 

*None of these pictures are, obviously, my own. All were taken from google searches. 

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  1. I love this year's awards!! Loved the post. Marisa.xx


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